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Government Immunity was adopted from English common law — yes, England, from whom we fought for our independence — and originates from a term that translates to “The King Can Do No Wrong.” 

In the U.S., this unjust law means that a civil suit or criminal prosecution cannot be brought against the city, state, or federal government or its agents without its consent — despite negligence or inaction that caused damage, injury, or even death. In other words, the government has to waive its own immunity and agree to be sued, putting itself and its employees unfairly above “We The People.” 

Ven Johnson Law has borne witness to the unfair practice, and we continue to fight against cases involving a Governmental Immunity plea to this day. The cases below are just a few examples of Governmental Immunity we’ve seen in recent years and what we’re doing to bring justice to the people impacted by this biased system. 

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It is against the law to deprive a person of their Constitutional rights, including freedom from the use of excessive force and false arrest or imprisonment. Time after time we’ve seen these rights infringed upon by law enforcement officers who have failed to act in accordance with their ethical and moral duties. Ven Johnson Law fights against these civil rights violations, to bring justice to families like Patrick Lyoya and Jerry Blasingame’s – a case that resulted in a $100M verdict for the victim.


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Government officials are elected with the presumption that they monitor, maintain, and make necessary repairs to protect our critical infrastructure, such as dams, sewers, and roads… It’s why we pay taxes. But they’ve been neglected for decades without consequences for those responsible — until now. Ven Johnson Law demands accountability for preventable events like the recurrent flooding of our Detroit streets, the destruction in Midland County due to neglected dams (despite repeated warnings), and injuries and death caused by our crumbling roads.


School is a place where students are supposed to feel safe and supported. At Ven Johnson Law, we’re working with the families affected by the tragedy at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan to hold the faculty and staff accountable for failing to act on undeniable warning signs and lack of action on that tragic day. Officials offer “thoughts and prayers,” but do nothing to prevent more shootings in the future. Nothing can replace what families have lost, but representing victims of school shootings like Oxford is the best way to stand up to the inaction jeopardizing our kids’ lives. Ven Johnson Law takes the fight to their front door to force real change.