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In this episode, Ven speaks with Mari Copeny, also known as “Little Miss Flint” about the Flint Water Crisis.

The 13-year-old activist talks about the social injustices sparked by elected city officials six years ago, who neglected to treat water coming from the Flint River.  This ultimately caused lead to be leached from old pipes, poisoning thousands of Flint residents and causing a widespread outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.
Mari opened up about how the Flint Water Crisis impacted her own family, reacted to the recent charges against former Governor Rick Snyder, and spoke on where the city stands now.  She spoke about her social media platform and how she’s using her voice to give people the help they need in the form of water filters, backpacks, toys, tablets and more.

To help with Mari’s efforts or to learn more about how she is helping her city, visit www.maricopeny.com

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