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National and local coverage highlights from some of Ven Johnson Law’s most recent cases

MSU shooting victims reach settlement

This case involved the death of three students on the campus of Michigan State University during a mass shooting that took place on Feb. 13, 2023.

Let it Rip: Jennifer Crumbley’s guilty verdict

Legal experts discuss Jennifer Crumbley's historic guilty verdict and what it means for parents when it comes to future similar tragedies.

‘It doesn’t bring Tate back’: Tate Myre’s father talks Jennifer Crumbley’s verdict in Oxford

Myre, other Oxford parents see a systemic failure at the school level.

Oxford shooting survivor haunted by narrow escape, seeking mental health treatment

Keegan Gregory receiving treatment at facility that also treated Parkland students.

Jennifer Crumbley found guilty: Parents, officials react to historic verdict

Before declaring Jennifer Crumbley guilty on all four charges of involuntary manslaughter, the jury had to evaluate the standard of reasonable parental care and the predictability of such a crime.

Governmental immunity on the ballot across America in 2024

Critics argue doctrine prevents citizens from holding officials accountable for wrongdoing

Attorney Ven Johnson speaks on Jennifer Crumbley’s trial

Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of the Oxford High School shooter, testified Thursday on the sixth day of her trial. Attorney Ven Johnson, who represents victims' families, joined CBS News Detroit...

Jury selection to begin for mother of Michigan school shooter

The mother of a teenager who committed a school shooting in Michigan is headed to trial in a case that marks the first time parents of a school shooter have faced...

Oxford files suit against their insurance company

The Oxford school district is suing its insurance company over potential payouts for injuries claimed among nine lawsuits stemming from the November 2021 shooting at the high school.

MSU releases settlement amounts with families of 3 students killed in mass shooting

Michigan State University negotiated a $15 million settlement with the families of the three students killed on Feb. 13, according to records obtained through a public records request to the...

2023 in review: Oxford closes a chapter, but legal battles continue

Case number 2022-279506-FC, the people v. Ethan Robert Crumbley, has closed, but there will never be total closure after the events of Nov. 30, 2021.

Michigan Supreme Court Rejects Appeal in Midland Dam Failure Case, Lawsuit Proceeds

Michigan Supreme Court justices are denying the latest appeal dealing with the Midland County dam failures in 2020.

Michigan Justices Won’t Hear State’s Dam Collapse Appeal

The Michigan Supreme Court on Thursday declined to free the state from responsibility for flood damage after the Edenville Dam collapsed in 2020.

Attorney to use ‘Nassar bills’ to argue sexual abuse case to Michigan Supreme Court

An attorney is set to use the “Nassar bills” to argue why the Michigan legislature’s 2018 amendment to the statute of limitations should allow his client to sue the Catholic...

Michigan Supreme Court to establish legal precedent in Diocese of Lansing sexual assault appeal case

Brian McLain says he was sexually abused as a minor in 1999 by a Roman Catholic priest, Father Richard Lobert, while at the W.J. Maxey Boys Training School in Whitmore...

Michigan Supreme Court to hear appeal on sexual assault case involving priest at Catholic Diocese of Lansing

The Michigan Supreme Court is expected to hear an appeal in a sexual assault case involving the Catholic Diocese of Lansing.

Michigan State to pay $15 million to families of three shooting victims

The families of three Michigan State University students who were killed by a gunman on campus this year will be paid $15 million after the school settled with them following...

Michigan State settles with families of students killed in mass shooting

Michigan State University has reached a $15 million settlement with families of the three students killed in the Feb. 13 mass shooting on campus.

MiLW announces Class of 2023 ‘Unsung Legal Heroes’

Michigan Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce the legal professionals chosen as the “Unsung Heroes” Class of 2023.

Attorney for Sanford residents calls Mueller lawsuit a ‘charade’

Nearly three years before the area dams breached in May 2020, state officials had already cited Lee Mueller of Boyce Hydro with the death of thousands of freshwater mussels, and...


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