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Three years after floods ravaged mid-Michigan, thousands of victims have been left to pick up the pieces while the State of Michigan continues to delay, deny and defend and drag out litigation in court to avoid accountability. A community that has been looking for any sign of hope has received NO justice and NO compensation after three long years of waiting. THREE YEARS.  

Enough is enough. Ven Johnson Law is calling on ALL Michiganders to stand together and contact their local, state, and federal legislators and urge them to act. Our representatives MUST expedite the litigation and not allow this nightmare to drag on. Three years is an unacceptable amount of time to delay justice that is deserved.


Government officials are elected with the presumption that they monitor, maintain, and make necessary repairs to protect our critical infrastructure, such as dams, sewers, and roads… It’s why we pay taxes. But they’ve been neglected for decades without consequences for those responsible — until now. Ven Johnson Law demands accountability for preventable events like the destruction in Midland County due to neglected dams (despite repeated warnings).

Thousands of pounds of debris float in front of the Sanford Dam.
Pieces of asphalt are scattered after the floods.
Docks sit on the dried lakebed at Wixom Lake after the floods.


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Please consider the below sample language when making phone calls and sending emails and letters to your legislators. We also encourage you to add personal stories of loss if you are or know of a victim of this preventable tragedy. 

Three years ago, on May 19, 2020, the Edenville and Sanford dams, both in disrepair and nearly 100-years-old, overflowed and devastated my community. The lives of thousands of Michiganders, many of whom are my friends, family and neighbors were upended in a matter of hours.

To date, flood victims have received NO justice, NO compensation and continue to pay taxes on plummeting property values on dried up lakebeds and rivers. The case against the State of Michigan is currently in the Court of Claims and will not go to trial until 2024 at the earliest.

I urge you to help expediate the litigation and not allow this nightmare to drag on any longer.

Our tax dollars should not be used to defend the government entities that failed thousands of mid-Michigan residents, but instead should be used to compensate the victims and rebuild the dams. Do not allow us to be forgotten.


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