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Mid-Michigan Flood

Mid-Michigan Flood

The devastating flooding in mid-Michigan during May 2020 should have been prevented. The Sanford and Edenville dam breaches were not the fault of Mother Nature. There were warning signs for years about trouble with the aging dams and these floods could have been prevented with proper oversight and maintenance.

The raging floodwaters destroyed homes, businesses and schools and forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 people. The owners of the dams ignored federal and state government officials who predicted this flooding would happen if the dams were not maintained and updated.

Ven Johnson Law, PLC, is joining forces with Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, to represent homeowners and business owners in the area who suffered property damage. The Chicago-based, national trial practice firm has expertise in complex, high profile mass tort and class action cases, including the fight against e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL, Boeing for the faulty 737 MAX, the mass shooting at MGM Las Vegas, and Sterigenics in the toxic environmental pollution case.

What options do residents and business owners who suffered property damage and/or personal injuries have?

Ven Johnson Law, PLC, and Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, have partnered to assemble the best team of local and national mass tort, personal injury, and insurance attorneys to file a mass tort lawsuit on behalf of clients who have suffered devastating losses.

The defining difference between this legal filing and others, which take a class action approach, is that a mass tort filing allows individual property owners to be evaluated and compensated on the merits of their own situation, rather than as a “cookie cutter” or one-size-fits all case

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Midland Daily News, Wednesday June 17

Attorneys Ven Johnson and Thomas Waun visited Midland this week to make a few stops and begin their investigation into the Midland area flooding that occurred nearly a month ago.


CBS Detroit, Thursday June 4
Two nationally recognized personal injury law firms, Ven Johnson Law, PLC, and Romanucci & Blandin, LLC, together announce the filing of lawsuit on behalf of flooding victims in mid-Michigan


WWJ, Detroit, Thursday June 4
Ven talks about the Midland lawsuit, how the dam owners are at fault

Reporter – Beth Fisher

WNEM, Saginaw, Thursday June 4
WNEM previews the virtual town hall hosted by Ven Johnson Law and Romanucci & Blandin

Anchor – Colette Boyd

NBC25/ FOX66, Flint, Thursday June 4
NBC25/ FOX66 previews the virtual town hall hosted by Ven Johnson Law and Romanucci & Blandin

Anchor – Rachelle Spence