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Episodes 8 & 9 were recorded on Juneteenth- a day celebrating the emancipation of enslaved people within the US. Across the country and less than a block away from Ven Johnson Law’s Detroit office, crowds gathered to celebrate the strength & resilience of the Black community and to demand an end to police brutality and the targeting of Black lives.

We are doing our duty to contribute to the momentum of the day by diving into the criminal and civil legal nitty gritty of police misconduct- an area of law that disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous, & people of color.

Ven and Charlie are joined by criminal law defense attorney Steve Fishman and civil law defense attorney Tom McGraw. Our legal experts hash out the dynamics that have historically made it difficult for juries to hold cops accountable, identify what needs to change within the police institutions themselves as well as within our legal system, and more.

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