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This episode features our guest, Donna MacKenzie, a Michigan based personal injury attorney and partner of Olsman, MacKenzie, Peacock & Wallace.

Donna & Ven speak at length about their experience representing victims of sexual abuse as they dive into the need to change outdated Michigan case law.

This conversation was inspired by one of Ven’s recent cases where a school teacher groomed and then sexually assaulted a student over a span of months. Throughout this time, the school district took no action despite receiving information that should have immediately launched an investigation. Recently, the Michigan Supreme Court threw out this case; or in other words, didn’t deem it worthy enough to allow into court. As such, Ven is filing a motion for reconsideration- a career first and a guaranteed up hill battle.

Why did the Michigan Supreme Court throw this out? Because under Michigan law, employers are allowed to give perpetrators one free rape before needing to hold them accountable.

This is too wild to be true, right? Guess again.

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