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Jury Awards Car Accident Victim $1.7 Million After Insurance Company Insists on Trial

Jury Awards Car Accident Victim $1.7 Million After Insurance Company Insists on Trial


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Johnson Law, PLC announced today that a Kent County Circuit Court jury returned a $1.7 million verdict in favor of their clients Sabahudin and Emira Talundzic on Tuesday. The case was handled by attorneys Brian Molde and Joe Sukup of Johnson Law, Grand Rapids.

Mr. Talundzic suffered severe and permanent injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, after he was run over by the defendant who was turning left onto 28th Street at the intersection of Breton Road in March 2016. The defendant admitted at trial that he was not paying attention to the road and never saw Mr. Talundzic, despite the fact that numerous other eyewitnesses saw Mr. Talundzic before he was run down in the crosswalk.

Molde stated “We often hear about frivolous lawsuits – this was a frivolous defense. We were shocked that Auto-Owners Insurance insisted on pushing this case to trial despite the fact that the driver who ran over our client had admitted to not paying attention to the road. Our clients are wonderful people who suffered terribly as a result. We always felt confident in our case, and the strength of it was proved by Judge Rossi’s Order granting a directed verdict in our favor and holding defendants responsible for their negligence and causing Mr. Talundzic’s severe injuries.”

Molde and Sukup also said this was a team effort from the beginning. “We are lucky to have a staff that is committed to fighting for our clients, and tireless when it comes to preparing for difficult litigation.”