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Johnson Law Obtains $2.75 M Verdict for Auto Accident Victims

Johnson Law Obtains $2.75 M Verdict for Auto Accident Victims

Friday, October 16th 2014, attorneys Ven Johnson and Gary Fields of Johnson Law, PLC of Detroit and Grand Rapids obtained a $2.75 million jury verdict on behalf of their clients Kindelpitiya Jayawardene and Leela Jayawardene. This occurred in Oakland County Circuit Court before the Honorable Phyllis McMillen.

The lawsuit arose following a three-vehicle car crash in February of 2013, caused by defendant Andre Ameye who was traveling in excess of 15 miles per hour over the speed limit of 35 miles per hour when he fell asleep and crashed into two other cars. As a result, 64 year-old Jayawardene was injured and suffered a herniation of his cervical spine necessitating extensive surgery.

According to the testimony at the time of trial by his four treating physicians, Jayawardene did everything possible to fully recover, but unfortunately he has been left with chronic pain in his neck radiating down into his shoulder, arm and hand as a result of permanent nerve damage and severe muscle weakness.

Attorney Johnson said, “My clients are so grateful and appreciative that this unanimous Oakland County Jury saw through this frivolous defense of trying to argue that this accident did not cause any injuries in Mr. Jayawardene. Four of Mr. Jayawardene’s treating physicians testified on his behalf that he suffered very serious and permanent injuries which will unfortunately worsen over the course of time and age causing him daily pain, discomfort and disability. Defendant on the other hand offered no witnesses whatsoever and failed to produce any doctor who would support their position. Clearly this jury wasn’t very impressed by the defense lack of medical support for their argument.”

Ven Johnson has won three multi-million dollar verdicts over the last several months: $2.44 million in Macomb County; $8 million in Wayne County and $2.75 million in Oakland County.