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Fighters: Tommy Hearns & Johnson Law (1/15/14)

Fighters: Tommy Hearns & Johnson Law (1/15/14)

The members of the Johnson Law team were honored to spend a day with one of history’s greatest boxers – Detroit’s own Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns. The legend joined legal heavyweight, Attorney Ven Johnson, and the rest of the Johnson Law staff to shoot a commercial at the Dynamic Boxing Club in Westland, Michigan.

Mr. Johnson described the experience, “Tommy was a superstar; his positive energy filled the room. He was gracious, intelligent, witty and highly professional. What impressed me the most was how willing he was to mingle with his fans, but especially the young boxers who call Dynamic Boxing Gym their home.”

A long day of shooting was fueled by a feeling of greatness in the air thanks to Mr. Hearns presence. Famous for becoming the first boxer in history to win world titles in four divisions, he followed this accomplishment by also winning five world titles in five different divisions. Now, Mr. Hearns can add “thespian” to his amazing resume, too. You can see it for yourself in the current Johnson Law TV spot.

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