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Former President Clinton Guests At Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (4/26/14)

Former President Clinton Guests At Jefferson-Jackson Dinner (4/26/14)

Former President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Michigan Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner on Saturday, April 26th. Over 2,000 people attended the event at the newly renovated Cobo Hall. The event is the largest gathering of Democrats outside of the national convention.

Former President Bill Clinton spoke about how victory in an election year depended on a successful get-out-the-vote effort. He also focused on Democrats rallying around Obamacare. “One of the reasons no one in America has gotten any pay raise in a decade is we’re spending so much more on health care than our competitors,” Clinton said. “This was a working people’s bill.”

Ven Johnson, founder of Johnson Law represented his firm at the annual dinner, which is the party’s largest fund-raiser. Said Johnson, “Everyone did an outstanding job of creating an amazing, high-energy meeting, capped off by President Clinton’s speech. I felt honored and humbled to be there and take part.”

The guest list was a virtual “Who’s Who” including Michigan Democrats Levin, Conyers, Dingle, Stabenow, Peters, Schauer, and Brown, and Democratic Chairperson, Lon Johnson, among others.

Democratic candidates were introduced to the audience, which included a message from Bloomfield Township Democrat U.S. Representative Gary Peters, who is campaigning on Obamacare for an open seat. Peters is being challenged in a powerful ad buy through the Americans for Prosperity super PAC, funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Clinton thanked Peters for supporting the legislation. “I did vote for the Affordable Care Act,” Peters said. “I voted for the Affordable Care Act because I believe in my heart and my soul that you are entitled to affordable quality health care. That’s what we do in the greatest country on Earth.”

The Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner was reportedly the largest to date, raising more than $500,000 toward November’s election.


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