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Excessive force lawsuit filed in deadly police shooting (4/28/15)

Excessive force lawsuit filed in deadly police shooting (4/28/15)

By Gary Ridley | gridley@mlive.com

FLINT TOWNSHIP, MI — The family of a man killed by police during a traffic stop has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the officer used excessive force.

The family of Dominique Lewis filed the lawsuit April 20 in Detroit U.S. District Court after Lewis was shot and killed July 16, 2014, during a traffic stop on Flushing Road near Eldorado Street in Flint Township. The lawsuit, filed by attorney Rebecca H. Filiatraut of Detroit-based Johnson Law, claims Needham used “unreasonable, unnecessary and deadly force” against Lewis.

The Flint Township Police Department and township police Officer Matthew Needham, who fired the fatal shots, are named as defendants in the case.

Needham arrived as a backup officer on the scene to assist a Flint Township officer who made the traffic stop.

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